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  • 39 g WHOLE Yumgo POWDER + 261 g water 1 (to hydrate the powder) or 300 g of Whole Yumgo Liquid

  • 41 g water 2

  • 41 g rum

  • 200 g raisins

  • 49 g sugar

  • 12 g salt

  • 115 g of fresh yeast

  • 465 g flour

  • 367 g Butter or margarine

  • 4 g orange zest



  1. For powder product, Mix Yumgo Whole Powder and water, store in the fridge.

  2. Heat the water and rum and pour over the raisins. Soak in freezer.

  3. Mix Yumgo (rehydrated powder or liquid), sugar, salt, yeast and flour at 3rd speed until full gluten development.

  4. Cut the butter into pieces.

  5. On 3rd speed, add the diced soft butter and mix until incorporated (approx. 8min)

  6. Mix on 5th speed until dough comes together (approx. 2 min)

  7. Drain raisins into syrup and add at 5th speed with orange zest (approx. 3 min).

  8. Retard in refrigerator overnight.

  9. Shape into 85g balls, poke a hole through the center of the dough, and press into the greased kougelhoph mold.

  10. Put the dough in a panematic puffer at 27°C between 1h30 - 2h.

  11. Bake 20 min at 180C


  1. Mix all the ingredients and boil.

  2. Roll in cold syrup very quickly.

  3. Toss in sugar


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