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Our team offers personalized support to accelerate the development of your ranges, whether egg-free, mixed or 100% plant-based

Baker, Pastry Chef, Industrial ,we offer accompaniments according to your needs, from ready-to-use recipes to the creation of a complete personalized range. Check out some examples on this page:

Support for the creation of a 100% plant-based range 


Consulting for egg reduction

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Accelerate creation of your recipes


Use of our products in plant-based recipes


Land & Monkeys

A bakery with a positive impact 

Land & Monkeys is the first 100% plant-based bakery with a positive impact, with the mission of bringing plant-based food into the daily lives of the French without changing anything in their habits. 


The story of Land and Monkeys is also the one that inspired the creation of YUMGO. Initially, the bakery chain faced the biggest challenge in developing plant-based recipes: finding a way to replace eggs. This is where YUMGO comes in: we have developed a complete and easy-to-use solution to allow them to make 100% vegetable creations, without weighing down the production process.

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Support for range creation

Since its creation, Land & Monkeys works in constant collaboration with YUMGO, which supports bakers and pastry chefs in the development of 100% plant-based recipes. Our teams work alongside those of Land and Monkeys to create new sweet and savory recipes, such as lemon meringue pie, melon pan, quiche, brioche... For an equally gourmet and delicious result!

Maison landemaine

Maison Landemaine

A responsible bakery chain 

Maison Landemaine is a Parisian bakery-pastry chain, which promotes the values of French craftsmanship combined with high quality products, and which seeks to promote responsible food. 

The Maison Landemaine bakeries work on daily basis with YUMGO to adjust their recipes, in order to promote a more responsible diet while maintaining the quality of the products and traditional know-how.

YUMGO adapts to your needs

YUMGO has supported Maison Landemaine in the development of several products, including a brioche bread reduced in eggs, which is one of the House's flagship recipes. Our teams therefore worked with the bakery teams to respond to the specific request of Maison Landemaine's bakers and pastry chefs. We have also assisted the teams of the House in the creation of plant-based recipes for cakes, creams and creams, biscuits and cakes, adapting to their needs.

Entrême de Paris

Entremets de Paris

Acceleration in the creation of plant-based recipes

Entremets de Paris is a pastry laboratory specializing in the production of fresh pastries, which combines artisanal know-how and industrial rigour. 


Entremets de Paris called on YUMGO to create a 100% plant-based recipe for praline-chocolate entremets for the Paris Pastry Fair. Recipes from our R&D  helped speed up the creation of this dessert by chef Thomas Lebeau, who was able to adapt it in his own way with YUMGO products. 

Jules Verne

Jules Verne Tour Eiffel 

Classic recipes revisited with YUMGO

The Jules Verne is one of the most prestigious restaurants nestled in the heart of Paris' most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. This renowned and Michelin-starred establishment has chosen to use YUMGO in the signature dessert created by its pastry chef, Germain Decreton: Le Chocolat.

Chef Germain Decreton has personally adapted the recipe of Le Chocolat to replace eggs with YUMGO. To support him, our teams simply provided him with the products and their technical specifications, and the chef developed his own vegan recipe for Le Chocolat.


Industry and Food Service


Tell us about your projects, we support you with our solutions, our team and our methodology to accelerate your innovations

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Our Research and Development team

Our food engineers and professional chefs will bring their expertise, methodology and tools to support your scientific research and product development, from design to industrialization. 

A project adapted to your needs​

Your project, your needs, our support to accelerate your innovations. 

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