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  • 64g butter or margarine

  • 72g milk or soy milk

  • 4 g star anise (in pieces)

  • 164g orange marmalade

  • 164 g invert sugar or honey

  • 64 g glucose syrup

  • 20g T65 wheat flour

  • 124g T30 rye flour

  • 8g baking powder

  • 8g brown sugar

  • 20g potato starch

  • 4g ground cinnamon

  • 1.6 g of 4 spice mix

  • 2.4g salt

  • 12.8g YUMGO Whole Powder

  • 67.2 of water (to hydrate the powder)


  1.   Bring the milk and star anise to a simmer.

  2. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, sieve and let cool to 30°C.

  3. Mix together the brown sugar, cinnamon, 4 spices, as well as the flours (wheat flour and rye flour), starch and baking powder.

  4. Incorporate the marmalade, invert sugar or honey and glucose previously warmed together to 30°C.

  5. Mix YUMGO Whole Powder and water to rehydrate it.

  6. Incorporate YUMGO Whole Rehydrated Powder little by little, the salt and finally the milk warmed to 30°C.

  7. Finally, add the margarine or softened butter.

  8. Pour 400g of mixture into each 18x6cm cake tin.

  9. Bake for 40 to 50 minutes at 160°C.


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