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  • 3120g whole almonds

  • 600g pistachios

  • 900g invert sugar

  • 590 g of water (1)

  • 1740 g caster sugar (1)

  • 1950 g glucose sugar (1)

  • 700 g caster sugar

  • 80 g of YUMGO White Powder +680 g of water (to hydrate the powders) or 760 g of Yumgo White Liquid


  1. Roast the almonds and pistachios.

  2. Start cooking the syrup (1) and start cooking the invert syrup.

  3. For powder product, mix YUMGO White Powder with water to rehydrate it.

  4. When the inverted sugar is at 100°C, beat the egg whites and
    sugar. The whites should be frothy.

  5. At 131°C, cut the inverted sugar and pour over YUMGO White Powder. Let the mixture rise.

  6. When the sugar syrup is at 135°C, put the sheet on, let the sugar syrup rise to 143°C/145°C and pour into the tank.

  7. Corner and let dry to desired texture.

  8. Add the almonds and pistachios, place in a frame and leave to dry overnight.


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