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  • 106.33 g of milk or plant-based milk (rich in calcium)

  • 39.54 g of sugar 

  • 8.57g cornstarch

  • 106.33 g cream or plant-based cream

  • 3 g of Pectin 325 NH 95

  • 3.95g of YUMGO Yolk Powder + 28.04 g of water (to hydrate the powder) or 32 g of Yumgo Yolk Liquid

  • 3.95 g rapeseed oil (to hydrate the powder)


  1. Heat the milk and the scraped vanilla pod.

  2. Mix the sugar and pectin.

  3. Mix Yumgo Yolk Powder with water and rapeseed oil to rehydrate it.

  4. Mix the rehydrated Yumgo Yolk Powder and sugar, then add cornstarch and mix.

  5. Add some of the hot milk and mix well.

  6. Boil all the ingredients for 2 minutes.

  7. Cool quickly then smooth with a whisk. Use at 15°C.

  8. Whip the cream to a semi-whipped texture, incorporate in 3 times into the previous mixture.

  9. Use immediately.

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