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  • 3g gelatin

  • 15 g of water (1) (to hydrate the gelatin) 

  • 7 g Yumgo WHOLE POWDER + 44 g water (2) (to hydrate the powder) or 51 g of Yumgo Whole Powder

  • 250g milk or soy milk

  • 38g sugar

  • 25g cornstarch

  • 10g Yumgo WHITE POWDER + 81 g of water (3) (to hydrate the powder) or 91 g of Yumgo White Liquid

  • 25g of water (4)

  • 100g sugar


  1. Rehydrate gelatin with water 1.

  2. Rehydrate Whole Yumgo with water 2.

  3. Scrape the vanilla into the milk and bring to a boil.

  4. Mix rehydrated Whole Yumgo with sugar and cornstarch.

  5. Add to the previous mixture and boil while whisking for 2 minutes.

  6. Add the gelatin mass then cool the pastry cream to 45°C.

  7. When the pastry cream is almost at 45°C, rehydrate YUMGO Blanc with water 3 and put it in a mixer.

  8. Prepare a syrup with the sugar and water 4, and cook to 118°C.

  9. Lightly whip the YUMGO Blanc mixture (with the mixer on low speed) while slowly adding the hot syrup.

  10. Increase the speed of the mixer to maximum and whip until it reaches 45°C until
    to get a meringue

  11. While the YUMGO Blanc mixture rises, whip the pastry cream in a bowl
    until completely smooth.

  12. Incorporate the meringue into the pastry cream while whisking.

  13. Poach it quickly on the preparation of your choice.


crème chibouste.png
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