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  • 758g  milk or plant based milk 

  • 7g pectin 325NH95

  • 104 g of sugar (1)

  • 13 g Yumgo Yolk POWDER

  • 156g coconut oil

  • 3g xanthan gum

  • 7g of Yumgo WHITE POWDER + 149 g water (to hydrate the powder) or 156 g of Yumgo White Liquid

  • 104 g of sugar (2)


  1. Heat milk and vanilla to 45°C.

  2. Mix pectin, sugar (1) and Yumgo Yolk powder.

  3. Add to the milk-vanilla mixture.

  4. Cook to 85°C.

  5. Pour over coconut oil and emulsify with a mixer.

  6. Add xanthan gum and emulsify again.

  7. For powder product, mix Yumgo White powder with the water to rehydrate it.

  8. Whip up the Yumgo White (powder rehydrated or liquid) with a mixer, then fold in the sugar (2).

  9. Fold the whipped Yumgo whites into the vanilla cream.


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