Marie Laforêt is a culinary author and photographer, she has published 17 vegan cookbooks including the bestseller Vegan , a real encyclopedia of 500 recipes. Today it is considered as a benchmark for vegan cuisine in France. Marie Laforêt works as an author and photographer for publishing, the press and companies wishing to offer ethical solutions. She also works as a vegan culinary consultant and supports the creation of recipes and products.

We are happy that Marie has agreed to share with us one of her recipes from her book "My Vegan Christmas Recipes" published by Solar made with YUMGO White! Thank you !

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Normally, we might be wary of the association of coffee and orange, but that's not counting the speculoos and their gourmet spices which create a perfect harmony of flavors. This Christmas tiramisu is very easy to make and quite light. He will prepare himself in the morning for the evening.


LEVEL : easy - FOR: 4 people


For the plant based mascarpone

  • Plain soy yogurts                          6

  • Deodorized melted coconut oil     55 gr

  • YUMGO White                              70 gr

  • Package of vegan speculoos          1

  • Cup of coffee                                  1

  • Organic orange                               1


For the decoration

  • Cocoa Powder

  • Chocolate chips

  • Orange zest


1. The day before, drain the soy yogurts. Place them on a fine strainer covered with cheesecloth. Place the colander on a small bowl. Close the cheesecloth and put a weight on it (a bowl, two blocks of tofu, whatever you like!). Place in the fridge overnight.


2. On the big day, mix this cream cheese with the deodorized coconut oil (important, we don't want any coconut flavor!) Melted: the vegetable mascarpone is ready.


3. Whip the YUMGO Blanc® into firm snow and mix gently with a spatula with the vegetable mascarpone. Using a fine grater, zest two-thirds of the orange and mix. Keep the orange.


4. Line the bottom of a dish with speculoos. Soak them in coffee, passing them 3 times with a brush. Cover with mascarpone cream then repeat the speculoos-coffee-mascarpone operation. Film and place in the fridge for the day.


5. When ready to serve, sprinkle with cocoa powder (using a fine colander), sprinkle with chocolate shavings and zest the rest of the orange.




I like to serve tiramisu in a large dish but it is less presentable than in verrines or ramekins. Do not hesitate to adopt the dish (s) that suit you (the rectangular ones will be more suitable because of the shape of the speculoos). Not all speculoos are vegan. Those of the Lotus brand, available in all supermarkets, are. You can easily double the quantities if you are more than 4 people. For vaporous zest, I recommend using a grater like the Microplane® zester.