Thierry Besnault is an experienced pastry technician. Trainer, he was director of professional training at the European center for gastronomic professions in Paris for 15 years and in 2018 he created his digital audio training site Savoirs Sucrés. This project which animates it offers new tools to learn to create differently. He works with YUMGO for his choux pastry recipe. A great classic of which he wishes to offer the plant basedversion.

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  • Choice of raw materials

  • The panade:

    • Mineral water              250 gr

    • Vegetable margarine   120 gr

    • Fine salt                          5 gr

    • Castor sugar                 14 gr

    • Rice flour                    150 gr

The fat is melted and emulsified in the salty, sweet boiling liquid


The flour is sieved and placed in a fountain in a hen bowl. Pour in the boiling liquid and mix with a whisk to obtain a panade.


  • Dry and check the temperature: dry the breadcrumbs over low heat by mixing with a spatula in order to stabilize the temperature around 72 ° and create a poison starch. With the mixer and the leaf, let the steam escape in order to bring the breadcrumbs to a temperature of 52 °


          YUMGO Yolk                    15 gr

Incorporate YUMGO Yolk. Continue mixing up to 47 °

  • Moisturize the panade:

          YUMGO White                  220 gr

Beat YUMGO Sparkling White. Incorporate it in a fraction to keep a homogeneous mixture. Do not drown the breadcrumbs in order to obtain a supple consistency

          Baking powder                10 gr

  • At 30 ° Incorporate the sifted baking powder. Leave the choux pastry to rest


  • Preheat the oven to 220/230 ° depending on the equipment


  • Place on a baking mat with a smooth nozzle. Cook on the grill

  • Flatten the pocket stroke with a slightly damp brush or spoon

  • Put in the oven and turn off the heat


  • At the start of coloring. Let the steam escape to dry the choux pastry and finish cooking.