by Marie Laforêt

Marie Laforêt is a culinary author and photographer, she has published 17 vegan cookbooks including the bestseller Vegan , a real encyclopedia of 500 recipes. Today it is considered as a benchmark for vegan cuisine in France. Marie Laforêt works as an author and photographer for publishing, the press and companies wishing to offer ethical solutions. She also works as a vegan culinary consultant and supports the creation of recipes and products.

We are happy that Marie has agreed to share with us one of her recipes from her book "My Vegan Christmas Recipes" published by Solar made with YUMGO White! Thank you !

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We know it in two forms: log style or bomb style. I find this shape much more fun and spectacular for the holidays. The principle of this frozen dessert so trendy in the 80s? Ice cream covered with Italian meringue. Everything lies in the contrast of textures and temperatures.


LEVEL : medium - FOR 10 people


For the coconut ice cream

400 ml coconut milk                 3 cans

Blond cane sugar                       175 gr

Vanilla powder                      3 pinches

For the meringue

YUMGO White                           100 gr

Icing sugar                                150 gr

Vanilla powder                         1 pinch

Praline                                         50 gr


1. Mix the coconut milk, sugar and vanilla in a blender at full power. Set in an ice cream maker or ice cream maker. The ice must be well set, otherwise it will crystallize. Pour into a large half-sphere mold or into a small salad bowl wrapped in film or covered with baking paper (but the latter makes more folds) and place in the freezer for 24 hours (or until ready to serve).


2. Make the meringue at the last moment. Whip the YUMGO Blanc into firm snow at full power using an electric mixer or a pastry robot. Add the sifted sugar and whisk at full power until you obtain the so-called “bird's beak” texture (when the meringue forms a beak on the whisk). Place the meringue in a pocket fitted with a large fluted nozzle. Preserve a little bit.


3. In the center of the serving dish, poach a layer of meringue. Unmold the ice cream and put it on the dish, the meringue will hold it a little. With the preserved meringue, brush the ice cream in a thin layer. Cover the praline ice cream. Collect the praline that has fallen on the dish and keep it. Poach the meringue all around the ice cream bomb. Start at the bottom by forming a circle all around the base of the ice cream then superimpose other circles to the top.


4. Lightly caramelize the meringue with a blowtorch and serve. Cut into slices, like a cake.


5. This dessert cannot be kept. Once the ice cream has been served, it cannot be returned to the freezer.




If you want to make individual versions, pour the ice cream into half-sphere silicone molds and pipe the meringue with a small fluted nozzle. You can also create a sponge cake base for this Norwegian omelet with the hazelnut sponge cake recipe