Chiharu has been baking pastry since 2005. She started in Japan then decided to come to Europe where she followed training for example alongside Toni Rodriguez. It was in 2016 that she specialized in vegetable pastry, learned and became a chef at Land & Monkeys, the first 100% plant based pastry, where she takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge with her team and cooking with YUMGO !

  • Mashed potato                       500 gr

  • Flour T55                               250 gr

  • YUMGO Yolk                           80 gr

  • Salt and pepper

  • Shallot                                    10 gr

  • Eggplant                                 30 gr

  • Pepper                                    30 gr

  • Provencal Magic Bean            50 gr

  • Mix YUMGO Yolk and the flour with your mashed potatoes, season with salt and pepper.

  • Work the dough so that it is very smooth.

  • Divide the dough in half and form long, thin rolls

  • Flour them and cut them into 1 cm sections and shape them into a gnocchi by crushing them with a fork and hand.

  • Poach the dumplings in plenty of boiling, salted water. When they rise to the surface, they are cooked. Drain them.

  • In a frying pan, brown the shallots, diced eggplant and peppers then add the Magic Bean sliced ​​vegan poultry and finally, the gnocchi

  • Dress the plate with this Provencal dish