Ramon Morató made a YUMGO Made dessert for Cacao Barry and shares for us: “Cacao Barry design team has been concerned to new consumer trends and especially to the plant based cuisine. In recent years, we took the gamble of integrating plant based ingredients into our recipes and gradually want this to be systematic.

On many occasions, we encounter difficulties in obtaining quality products which offer a taste and technically similar result to that offered by the ingredient of animal origin. This is particularly the case with eggs.

We discovered YUMGO White then YUMGO Yolk and finally YUMGO Whole which gave us the opportunity of replacing egg products in our plant based recipes. This without the need of  recipes adjustments and  a high quality result.

My team and I are unconditional fans of YUMGO and we believe it is essential to support this kind of initiative in order to be able to meet these products at the distributors who will provide solutions to artisan pastry chefs to offer plant-based pastries in all normality. "


Recipe for approximately 40 units of 6.5 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm in height

1. Financier with almonds and olive oil


  • Almond powder with skin                      200 gr

  • Powdered sugar                                    436 gr

  • Flour                                                      160 gr

  • Baking powder                                          4 gr

  • Honey with a thousand flowers               30 gr

  • YUMGO White                                       430 gr

  • Extra virgin olive oil                               232 gr

1. Mix the sugar and the almond powder, add the flour previously sifted with the yeast.

2. Incorporate the honey and the YUMGO White and mix together.

3. Finally, add olive oil.

4. Spread out on a baking sheet with a frame height of 0.6 cm.

5. Bake at around 180/190 ° C.

6. Reserve.


2. Almond crumble


  • Plant based butter *            230 gr

  • Demerara sugar                   200 gr

  • Almond powder with skin    200 gr

  • Flour                                    400 gr

  • Mycryo® cocoa butter        a spoon

1. Cut the plant based butter into cubes.

2. Mix all the ingredients with the foil (utensil for an electric mixer) until a sandy texture is obtained.

3. Spread out on a 60x40 cm baking sheet and bake at around 160 ° C.

4. Once cooked, sprinkle with Mycryo® out of the oven.




  • Pure almond paste with skin 122 gr

  • Cocoa butter                          28 gr

  • Almond crumble                   225 gr

  • Cereal flakes                         75 gr

1. Mix the almond paste with the melted cocoa butter.

2. Add the rest of the chopped ingredients.

3. Pour 10 gr in a circle of 5.5 and set aside.




  • Water                                   340 gr

  • Fresh rosemary                    25 gr

  • Castor sugar                        40 gr

  • NH pectin                             12 gr

  • Agar                                     1 gr

  • Plant based butter *             68 gr

  • Santo Domingo dark chocolate 70% cocoa112 gr

  • Large Caraque 100% cocoa  40 gr

1. Heat the water to 90 ° C and infuse the rosemary for 5 minutes.
2. Filter and weigh the liquid, add water until you obtain 340 g of liquid.
3. Heat and stir in the pectin, sugar and agar.
4. Bring to the boil and pour the cocoa mass and the plant based butter on the cover at intervals, emulsify and pour about 10 g into 5.5 cm discs and freeze.



  • Fresh apricot, diced             260 gr

  • Whole boiled orange paste  100 gr

  • Apricot puree                       100 gr

  • Castor sugar                        100 gr

  • Honey                                   40 gr

  • NH pectin                              6 gr

1. Boil whole oranges for at least an hour until the skin is well hydrated (change the water about 5 times during cooking).

2. Cut in half, remove seeds and pass through a grinder until a thick paste is obtained.

3. Weigh the necessary grams of orange paste and mix with the diced apricot, add the apricot purée.

4. Heat and add the sugar with the pectin and honey. Boil for one minute, stop and set aside.

* For 1000 g of compote add 5 g of orange blossom
Pour about 35 g of compotes on the creamy chocolate disks that we will have frozen.



  • Water                                   335 gr

  • Plant based butter *            128 gr

  • Santo Domingo dark chocolate couverture 70% cocoa                                   250 gr

  • Large Caraque 100% cocoa100 gr

  • YUMGO White                     175 gr

  • Invert sugar                         25 gr

1. Boil the water and pour it over the chocolate, cocoa mass and cubes of plant based butter.
2. Emulsify everything.
3. Check the temperature and when the emulsion is around 35 ° C, mix with the YUMGO and the invert sugar.
4. Assemble the pastry.



1. Place the mousse at the bottom of the molds. chocolate.

2. Place the fruit compote with the chocolate cream. 3. Continue assembly by inserting layers of foam with discs of financial biscuit cut to 5.5 cm that we will have soaked in olive oil and finally the almond crunch. 4. Reserve in the freezer and once frozen, spray with a mixture of Origine dark couverture chocolate Santo Domingo 70% and butter cocoa 30%. Decorate.

* Plant based butter
70% Deodorized coconut oil
30% Sunflower oil
Melt the coconut oil and mix it with the sunflower oil.

Dose into silicone molds and store at
Dice and weigh the amount needed to
each recipe.

Ramon Morató

Chef Cacao Barry

Fanny Parise

® Anthropologist