Mathilde is one of those future-pastry-chefs who innovate with flavors and also who cook vegan for healthy and sustainable consumption.

Thanks to her for this original recipe of financiers.

financier matcha framboise.jpeg

Level: Medium

Total preparation time: 30min

Necessary material :

A whip

A saucepan

A pastry bag

  • Vegan white chocolate             30 gr

  • Raspberry coulis                      30 gr


  • YUMGO White                         75 gr

  • Margarine (50% fat)                75 gr

  • Icing sugar                              50 gr

  • Almond powder                       50 gr

  • Wheat flour T65                       25 gr

  • Matcha tea                                 3 gr

  • A pinch of salt

  • For the ganache:

    • Cut the chocolate into small pieces

    • Heat the raspberry coulis

    • Mix until you obtain a very smooth ganache

  • For financiers:

    • Melt the margarine and let cool before use

    • Using a whisk, mix YUMGO White, the sugar and the almond powder

    • Add the flour, matcha tea and salt

    • Add the margarine without overworking the dough

    • Pour 3/4 into a savarin / cup cake mold.

    • Rotating heat cooking at 180 ° - 15 min

    • Wait for the financiers to cool down

  • Dressage:

    • Pour the ganache in the center then let harden before tasting.