Level: Medium

Total preparation time: 30min

Necessary material :

A whip

A saucepan

A pastry bag

  • YUMGO White 165 gr

  • Coconut puree 420 gr

  • Castor sugar 56 gr

  • NH pectin 12 gr

  • Coconut flour 36 gr

  • Coconut oil 12 gr

  • Dacquoise YUMGO 10 pieces

  • Mango passion insert 10 inserts

  • Mix the sugar and the pectin.

  • Heat the coconut puree until it boils.

  • Add sugar, pectin and cook until boiling.

  • Add the coconut flour and coconut oil.

  • Mount YUMGO in snow.

  • Mix the ganache with the YUMGO meringue in 2-3 times.

  • Pour half of the coconut mousse with a pocket in flexipain molds.

  • Place the passion fruit insert on the mousse.

  • Pour the other half of the coconut mousse and add the YUMGO dacquoise.

  • Reserve in the freezer.