Vegan since 2015, chef David Devant began his career in pastry apprenticeship at Maxim's restaurant and then gained experience at Lassere restaurant (2 Michelin stars), Ledoyen restaurant (3 Michelin stars), at Le Bristol palace alongside Gilles Marchal and Éric Fréchon. He then became pastry chef in various houses such as Fabien Ledoux in Maisons-Laffites or at La maison Bigot in Versailles.
He also became a consultant for a Chocolate Factory in order to develop an international range of Macarons.
David Devant has been a partner / manager at Maisons Landemaine since 2012

Crème brûlée YUMGO Jaune.JPG

Level: Medium

Total preparation time: 4 hours


Materials needed:

A container

A plunger strainer

A saucepan

For 5 individual crèmes brûlées (140 gr)
  • Plant based milk 250 gr

  • Plant based cream 250 gr

  • Sugar 85 gr

  • YUMGO Yolk 100 gr

  • Vanilla pod

  • Brown sugar


  • Heat the cream and milk until boiling and add the vanilla to infuse

  • In a container, put YUMGO Yolk to which you must add the sugar then mix

  • Add it to the preparation to bring everything to a boil

  • Using a chinois à piston pour the preparation into small containers

  • Bake 45 minutes to 1 hour in an oven at 100 ° c

  • Keep for 30 minutes at room temperature

  • Leave for 2 hours in the refrigerator

  • The cream is ready when the preparation no longer moves in its center

  • Sprinkle the preparations with brown sugar then caramelize with a blowtorch